Roofing Services

For the best roofing services in Calabasas, you can call Malibu Roofing with confidence. Our roofers have experience with virtually every roofing project you can imagine. From simple repairs to tear downs and installations, we’re up for anything. We’ve worked on homes of all sizes and are capable of working with different types of roofs as well. Our services are always affordable, met with our 5-star service, and done by licensed roofers. Look no further for a team that will help make sure your roof is in good shape so you have a strong cover on your beautiful home.

Roofing Repairs

Do you have leaks in your home? Or have you found shingles lying around your yard? No matter what type of damage you’re dealing with, roofing repairs in Calabasas are no challenge for our team. Each of our roofers have years of experience that has prepared them to deal with just about anything. From holes caused by deterioration to clearing out clogged drains on flat roofs, we can help with anything it takes to put your roof in good shape again.

Roof Inspections

Roof inspections in Calabasas are important if you’re thinking about buying a home, selling your home, or potentially having a new roof installed. To determine how healthy your roof really is, Malibu Roofing can help. Our qualified roofers will come out to your home, do a full inspection of every angle, and then let you know what their recommendations are. This can give you the advice you need to negotiate a price, get repairs done before selling, or potentially replace your older roof completely. We love to help and are trusted experts for roof inspections.

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